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Los Angeles HCG Injections

Having a healthy body image is generally linked to weight for many Los Angeles men and women. When you are overweight and have an excessive amount of fat, you may feel uncomfortable in your clothes and embarrassed about your physical appearance. This type of poor self-image can trickle into your professional life and your personal relationships with damaging consequences. Many people have struggled with low-calorie or starvation diets to generate significant and lasting weight loss over the years, but this effort is unfortunately not effective at producing long-lasting results for many people.

Keep in mind that carrying an abnormal amount of extra fat is more than a cosmetic problem. High levels of body fat have been associated with serious health conditions, and many of these conditions can be fatal. Some of them include coronary heart disease, several types of cancer, diabetes and other conditions. You can see that finding a way to produce and sustain weight loss is critical to your long-term health.

There are a seemingly endless range of diet programs that are based on calorie restrictions. Some of these diet programs even require you to reduce calorie intake so that you are bordering on starvation. With extreme calorie reduction, you can reasonably expect weight loss to occur. However, when your body believes that it is starving, it will conserve fat stores that are directly associated with stored energy. Instead, it will consume healthy fats and muscle mass. Ultimately, you may find that you are less healthy than when you started this type of diet, and you may even weigh more and have more unhealthy body fat on you. A better way to produce desired weight loss results is through the HCG diet plan available at a local Los Angeles area medical clinic.

The HCG diet plan is directly based on scientific research that was completed by Dr. A. T. W. Simeons several decades ago. Dr. Simeons was interested in learning what the impact of HCG is on a pregnant woman. HCG is a hormone that is naturally produced in large quantities in a pregnant woman. Through extensive research and studies, Dr. Simeons discovered that the HCG hormone plays an essential role in nourishing the fetus. A pregnant woman cannot constantly consume calories and nutrients, but the fetus demands a steady supply of them. HCG is the hormone that is responsible for pulling energy for the fetus from the woman’s abnormal or adipose fat tissue. This abnormal fat tissue is the type of fat that you want to target when you reduce calorie intake in a typical diet.

How This Applies to You

This knowledge about how the HCG hormone targets adipose or abnormal fat tissue can be applied to men and to non-pregnant women. When HCG levels in the body are high, such as through injections in a medical clinic, the energy from the abnormal fat tissue that is mobilized is not channeled to a fetus. Instead, this energy is consumed by your body. This means that you can enjoy considerable weight loss through a low-calorie diet, and the fat cells that will be targeted are the abnormal adipose fat cells.

Be aware that when you reduce calorie intake without the benefit of HCG hormone injections administered in a Los Angeles area medical clinic, this specific type of fat is not targeted. The presence of high levels of HCG hormone in your body through the HCG diet is the critical factor to enjoy targeted and healthy weight loss and to reduce the unhealthy fat that you are concerned about. These injections must be administered through professionals at a Los Angeles HCG diet clinic

What to Expect

While you are undoubtedly concerned about the impact that extra body fat is having on your health, you also may be aware that a typical low-calorie diet is also unhealthy and usually will not produce desired weight reduction goals in your body. The first step to take if you are ready to benefit from the HCG diet is to consult with a medical professional at a Los Angeles HCG diet clinic. You can get all of your questions answered about how HCG works in your body when it is used in conjunction with a low-calorie meal plan. Your medical professional in the Los Angeles area can provide you with healthy recommendations to help you lower your calorie intake so that you can maximize the benefits of your HCG injections.

You can reasonably expect to see substantial weight and fat reduction throughout your body. However, you should plan to receive several injections and to attend several appointments at a Los Angeles HCG diet clinic. Some individuals who need to lose a substantial amount of weight and fat may have underlying health conditions, and these individuals may need to attend more appointments than individuals who are otherwise in excellent health.

As frustrated as you may currently be by your lack of lasting results with other diets, there is a healthy, safe and effective way to achieve your fat reduction goals. The HCG diet offered to you through select Los Angeles area clinics has already been used successfully by many other men and women throughout the area. These are individuals who may be enjoying improved physical health and a better overall self-image. If you are ready to enjoy these incredible results yourself, take the first step by contacting an HCG diet clinic in Los Angeles today for a consultation.